Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become a client of ProMEX?
  • For individuals: Download the ProMEX App and follow the registration process.
  • For Corporates: Please contact us via
How do you buy/sell products?

For buyers who want to buy products:

  • Deposit funds into ProMEX's designated bank account.
  • Upload deposits slip to ProMEX App.

For sellers who want to sell their products:

  • Upload product source documents on ProMEX App.
  • Make delivery of products to ProMEX's designated warehouse.
  • Products will be subject to quality check.
How does settlement and delivery work?
  • Trades are settled instantly.
  • Products are stored in ProMEX's designated warehouse.
  • Buyers may take delivery at any time.
  • Sellers may withdraw funds at any time.
Who can trade on ProMEX?

Individuals or corporations can trade on ProMEX after their registration and background check processes have been completed. Overseas individuals or corporations may also be accepted.