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ProMEX operates a transparent, fair, and simple marketplace for individuals and companies to buy, sell, and manage carbon credits and other commodities. We have a variety of features that make it easier for you to start trading.


ProMEX offers an attractive range of products, from physical commodities to voluntary carbon credits. You may buy, sell, or manage these assets for consumption, production, or store of value at ProMEX. These products are easily accessible via our technology platform.

  • Carbon Credits
    These voluntary carbon credits represent a reduction or removal of CO2 certified by established registries. Corporates and other persons may use these carbon credits to offset their carbon footprints.
  • Renewable Energy Certifcates
    These renewable energy certificates represent the environmental attributes of the generation of energy produced by renewable sources certified under established standards. End users may make claims about their energy usage using these certificates.
  • Physical Commodities
    ProMEX prides itself with various physical commodities that users can't buy, sell, or manage in any other platforms. Starting with Moutai, Chenpi, and Wuliangye, more commodities are being prepared to be listed in the market.


Quick and Easy
Onboarding Process
Join us and start exploring our platform within minutes. Our onboarding is entirely online with only minimal input from you.
Fund Transfers
Transfer your money in and out of our platform with common payment channels anytime with just a click of a few taps.
Start trading at your price. See the whole market and make informed decisions. And if you like you can also sell your assets at the best bid.



User-Friendly Interface

It should not be difficult to use a financial app, so we designed ours to make your life easier. Trading is no longer complicated onProMEX. Our platform lets you experience an easy-to-navigate interface. Our services are designed to minimise confusion if any, and instead, allow you to relax. With features like dynamic charts and real-time price updates, we will continue to ensure the finest quality of our interface along your journey.


Secure and Complete Trading System

We understand. Your money is important. What matters to you matters to us. That’s why we spend hours and hours creating the best and most secure trading system equipped with great features to guide your trading. Starting with the central order book, our platform allows you to fully view all prices of the commodity in one glance. Besides, additional features like the price corridor complete our market surveillance system for maximum market integrity


Various Automated Features

Nowadays, automation is key to efficient processes. That's why the majority of our features are automated.

  • Want to bring assets into our custody?
    Simply press a button to arrange for Make Delivery into our storage facilities.
  • Want to take them out?
    Press Take Delivery and take possession of your assets with us.
  • Dislike organizing?
    Check out our all-in-one page view of your assets with us in one glance.
  • Need to review your trading activity?
    Generate a consolidated transaction statement customized to your preferences.
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